Frequently Asked Questions

What is UX Power Tools?

UX Power Tools is a design system starter kit for Sketch. We call it a “starter kit” because design systems are usually very large, and highly customized to the needs of your business and/or product. We’ve finished all of the busy work by creating all of the basic elements and components you’ll need to start building a full design system.

What do I need to use UX Power Tools?

UX Power Tools requires Sketch Version 65 or above. This system will not work if you use a lower version of Sketch.

What makes UX Power Tools so great?

We are full-time product designers and created UX Power Tools to make our own jobs easier, so you can be sure that we’ve created the absolute best system possible. We push Sketch to its outer limits, and work directly with the Sketch development team giving product feedback, so we’re always on the cutting edge.

Who uses UX Power Tools?

Literally thousands of designers from all over the world at big companies and small ones. Household names and up-and-comers. Individual freelancers and design directors. Newbies and experts.

Why is it a yearly subscription?

When Sketch updates, so do we. We’re dedicated to getting the latest updates in your hands as quickly as possible, in addition to new symbols, components, and other design resources. We appreciate your support!

Do I get product updates?

As long as you have an active subscription, you will receive all updates. Free!

How can I download UX Power Tools again?

Log into your Gumroad account to access your library of purchases. Click on the UX Power Tools product. You’ll see a button to download our latest update.

Why are there a bunch of duplicated text layers?

That is not a bug or error. Those are what we call style stacks and they are how we make updating hundreds of text styles at the same time super easy. Just highlight all of the text layers you want to update, make your adjustments

It’s taking forever to update the font.

Due to the sheer volume of text styles we had to create to accommodate complete flexibility in symbol overrides, that means that it’s a lot of work for Sketch to update them. We recommend you do one artboard at a time — update the “Regular” styles first by choosing a new font then clicking “Update” in the style dropdown — then do the “Bold” styles.

If you try to highlight ALL of the text styles at once, it can take a couple minutes for Sketch to process the changes (depending on your computer). Stay on the safe side and do one artboard at a time.

Is UX Power Tools hiring?

UX Power Tools is a side project, so we don’t have “full-time employees” per se, but feel free to reach out to us on Twitter if you’d like to help in any way!

Where is UX Power Tools located?

We live in Indianapolis, IN in the USA. It’s usually surprising to people that we don’t live in California or New York City. If you’re in town, come say hi!

The system costs $48. It's a yearly subscription so we can provide new features and updates as Sketch evolves. These updates are free.
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