UX Power Tools Emails

You know that app you just finished designing and published on the App Store? Or that software you just pushed to 10,000 customers? Did you remember to design all of the marketing and Reset My Password emails?


We got you, fam.

Get a glimpse of the email design system:

How will it help you?

You don’t really have to do much work…
…because we gave you a massive head start. There are tons of layouts for all the common emails you’ll probably need to design at some point or another. Teamwork! 😇

You can re-style everything in like…12 seconds.
Don’t like the font? Change it. Colors seem a little off? Try some new ones. It’s mindless and exceptionally fast. 🎨

You can mix and match sections.

We built every layout using Auto Layout, so mixing and matching sections is as fun as building your own wacky lunch sandwich.

You can match the visual style of your app.

Our Web and Mobile systems are built using the same symbols and style guide, so it’s simple to keep them in sync.

Buy the Email System
Styles, Symbols, and tons of common email designs. 💎

Buy the Bundle
Web System + Mobile System + Email System. Holy 💩!

A peek at a few of the layouts:

Terms of Use
How you use UX Power Tools is completely up to you and your imaginative brain. Feel free to use it on commercial projects for clients. Use it to practice and become a better designer. Just don’t resell it under a new name, or make small changes and resell it as your own. Not cool.

If multiple people will be using UX Power Tools, please purchase a multi-seat license that reflects your team size. Lots of teams love it, and we think yours will too.

Lastly, have fun!

Questions? Compliments? Want us to design you a custom version?
DM us on Twitter, or email us at hello@uxpower.tools.